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Google’s Hummingbird Shapes Web Content: 9 Ways Bloggers Must React

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Google Places vs. Google+ Local for Business

Confused about how Google Places is different from Google+ Local? You aren’t alone. Do you need one, both, or neither? Google hasn’t made it easy for small, local businesses to understand, and it’s left many frustrated and annoyed. Let’s clear up the confusion.

placesWhat is Google Places for Business?

Google Places is the information that a search engine receives and uses when listing your business. A search engine will probably already have your business listed in results, but your Google Places page allows you to control what information Google has and presents to searchers about your business. You can fill in your Places page with information like a description, images, hours of operation, and contact information.

You manage all of this information in your Google Places dashboard, so you can change it anytime you wish. You have to sign up for Google Places here, fill in your information, and then verify your account – you have to verify either by phone or by mail, which Google will walk you through, and then you’re set to go and start taking control of your brand.

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Using Grammarly for Blog and Social Updates

A wonderful tool for updating online posts for either your blog or social media posts is Grammarly.

Grammarly - Instant Grammar Check - Online Proofreading.clipularFor Chrome/Firefox/Safari Browsers: Grammarly’s webapp provides an easy way to proofread your text for writing errors, but the full features require a pro subscription. The free Grammarly Lite browser extensions, however, are available to everyone for instant spelling and grammar checks, as well as dictionary and thesaurus lookups. Once you have the extension installed, just start typing and you’ll see a little Grammarly icon in the text field if the app has any corrections for you. It even corrects your punctuation!

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Using Social Pros Podcast to learn about social media

Social-Pros-New-HeaderHere’s a great resource for building your business through the numerous social media channels in use today.

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The power of Google+ Ripples for your social media exposure

I randomly came across this Google tidbit the other day and I find it intriguing for how ideas can travel. The video clip below shows conceptually what the traffic itself looks like weaving from one person to the next across the Internet.

This article selected from the list found here at the official Google+ blog “Popular posts, eye-catching analytics, photo fun and…. I hope that you find this piece as enlightening as I did.

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Making Your App Go Viral

mobile app infographicA viral app is the highest achievement on iTunes and Google Play. It’s an app that customers eagerly share across the Internet, through social networks, email, chat and word of mouth. It’s like rocket fuel, and it is the best case scenario for an app developer because word of mouth is far more powerful than any paid advertising. Ad clutter is everywhere, and people just ignore it.

…But getting your app to spread faster than celebrity gossip takes a lot more than bolting on some Twitter and Facebook buttons. It requires strategizing a world of social interaction inside your app….

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